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These templates ({{Birth date}} and {{Birth date and age}}) return a person's date of birth and optionally his/her age.


{{Birth date|year of birth|month of birth|day of birth}}


{{Birth date and age|year of birth|month of birth|day of birth}}


{{Birth date|1993|2|24}} returns "(1993-02-24) 1993 ఫిభ్రవరి 24 "
{{Birth date and age|1993|2|24}} returns (1993-02-24) 1993 ఫిభ్రవరి 24 (వయస్సు: 27  సంవత్సరాలు)

The templates also return the date, hidden by CSS, in the ISO 8601 format needed by hCard microformats. for example:

(<span class="bday">1993-02-24</span>)

See the microformats project for details.

Note: The template will appear broken when the parameters are left blank (as seen above).