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A large number of pages contain lists of nations that include (or could benefit from) a triple reference for each country:

  • a visual reference, i.e. a thumb of the country's flag.
  • a lexical reference, i.e. the country's name
  • a hyperlink reference to the article of the country in question.

A series of templates was created to ease the inclusion of these triple references. The obvious choice for the names of such templates have been the country codes by which each nation is commonly identified with.

However there exist two problems:

  • a number of such country codes exist, including the ISO 3166-1 codes, the IOC country codes, and the FIFA country codes. They are not always compatible and consistent with each other, and are often counterintuitive.
  • Some countries are also often commonly referred to by more than one name.

The following list strives for both inclusivity and clarity. Please try not to use or create template names like SLO or MAL which may mislead people into applying them for a number of different countries.

See also Template:flagIOC for Olympic articles.

Several countries have multiple country codes. In most of these cases, the ISO country code is used for the template, with redirects from the other country codes. For example Template:DEU is the template for Germany, but Template:GER (code used by FIFA and the IOC) redirects to DEU.

Template result What to type Notes
 Afghanistan {{AFG}}
 Åland Islands {{ALA}}
 Albania {{ALB}}
 Algeria {{DZA}} or {{ALG}}
 American Samoa {{ASM}} or {{ASA}}
 Andorra {{AND}}
 Angola {{AGO}} or {{ANG}}
 Anguilla {{AIA}}
 Antarctica {{ATA}}
 Antigua and Barbuda {{ATG}} The IOC uses "ANT", but ANT is the ISO code for Netherlands Antilles
 Argentina {{ARG}}
 Armenia {{ARM}}
 Aruba {{ABW}} or {{ARU}}
 ఆస్ట్రేలియా {{AUS}}
 Austria {{AUT}}
 Azerbaijan {{AZE}}
 Bahamas {{BHS}} or {{BAH}}
 Bahrain {{BHR}} The IOC uses "BRN", but BRN is the ISO code for Brunei
 Bangladesh {{BGD}} or {{BAN}}
 Barbados {{BRB}} or {{BAR}}
 Belarus {{BLR}}
 Belgium {{BEL}}
 Belize {{BLZ}} or {{BIZ}}
 Benin {{BEN}}
 Bermuda {{BMU}} or {{BER}}
 Bhutan {{BTN}} or {{BHU}}
 Bolivia {{BOL}}
 Bosnia and Herzegovina {{BIH}}
 Botswana {{BWA}} or {{BOT}}
 Bouvet Island {{BVT}}
 Brazil {{BRA}}
 British Indian Ocean Territory {{IOT}}
 Brunei {{BRN}} or {{BRU}}
 Bulgaria {{BGR}} or {{BUL}}
 Burkina Faso {{BFA}} or {{BUR}}
 Burundi {{BDI}}
 Cambodia {{KHM}} or {{CAM}}
 Cameroon {{CMR}}
 కెనడా {{CAN}}
 Cape Verde {{CPV}}
 Cayman Islands {{CYM}} or {{CAY}}
 Central African Republic {{CAF}} or {{CTA}}
 Chad {{TCD}} or {{CHA}}
 Chile {{CHL}} or {{CHI}}
 China {{CHN}} Also consider
{{PRC}}:  People's Republic of China
{{CHN-ROC}}:  China (before the Chinese Civil War)
 Christmas Island {{CXR}}
 Cocos (Keeling) Islands {{CCK}}
 Colombia {{COL}}
 Comoros {{COM}}
 Cook Islands {{COK}}
 Republic of the Congo {{COG}} or {{CGO}}
 Democratic Republic of the Congo {{COD}} Also consider {{ZAI}}:  Zaire
 Costa Rica {{CRI}} or {{CRC}}
 Ivory Coast {{CIV}}
 Croatia {{HRV}} or {{CRO}}
 Cuba {{CUB}}
 Curaçao {{CUW}} or {{CUR}}
 Cyprus {{CYP}}
 Northern Cyprus {{TRNC}} region without official ISO-3166 country code
 Czech Republic {{CZE}}
 Czechoslovakia {{CSK}} or {{TCH}}
 Denmark {{DNK}} or {{DEN}}
 Djibouti {{DJI}}
 Dominica {{DMA}}
 Dominican Republic {{DOM}}
 Ecuador {{ECU}}
 Egypt {{EGY}}
 El Salvador {{SLV}} or {{ESA}}
 England {{ENG}} region without official ISO-3166 country code
 Equatorial Guinea {{GNQ}} or {{GEQ}} or {{EQG}}
 Eritrea {{ERI}}
 Estonia {{EST}}
 Ethiopia {{ETH}}
 European Union {{EU}}
 Falkland Islands {{FLK}}
 Faroe Islands {{FRO}}
 Fiji {{FJI}} or {{FIJ}}
 Finland {{FIN}}
 France {{FRA}}
 French Guiana {{GUF}}
 French Polynesia {{PYF}}
 French Southern and Antarctic Lands {{ATF}}
 Gabon {{GAB}}
 Gambia {{GMB}} or {{GAM}}
 Georgia {{GEO}}
 జర్మనీ {{DEU}} or {{GER}}
 East Germany {{GDR}} or {{DDR}}
 West Germany {{FRG}}
 Ghana {{GHA}}
 Gibraltar {{GIB}}
 Greece {{GRC}} or {{GRE}}
 Greenland {{GRL}}
 Grenada {{GRD}} or {{GRN}}
 Guadeloupe {{GLP}}
 Guam {{GUM}}
 Guatemala {{GTM}} or {{GUA}}
 Guernsey {{GGY}}
 Guinea {{GIN}} or {{GUI}}
 Guinea-Bissau {{GNB}} or {{GBS}}
 Guyana {{GUY}}
 Haiti {{HTI}} or {{HAI}}
 Honduras {{HND}} or {{HON}}
 Hong Kong {{HKG}} Also consider {{HKG-CHN}}:  Hong Kong, China
 Hungary {{HUN}}
 Iceland {{ISL}}
 భారతదేశం {{IND}}
 Indonesia {{IDN}} or {{INA}}
 ఇరాన్ {{IRN}} or {{IRI}}
 ఇరాక్ {{IRQ}}
 Ireland {{IRL}}
 Isle of Man {{IMN}} or {{IOM}}
 ఇజ్రాయిల్ {{ISR}}
 Italy {{ITA}}
 Jamaica {{JAM}}
 జపాన్ {{JPN}}
 Jersey {{JEY}}
 Jordan {{JOR}}
 Kazakhstan {{KAZ}}
 కెన్యా {{KEN}}
 Kiribati {{KIR}}
 North Korea {{PRK}} Also consider {{DPRK}}:  Democratic People's Republic of Korea
 South Korea {{KOR}} Also consider {{ROK}}:  Republic of Korea
 Kuwait {{KWT}} or {{KUW}}
 Kyrgyzstan {{KGZ}}
 Laos {{LAO}}
 Latvia {{LVA}} or {{LAT}}
 Lebanon {{LBN}} or {{LIB}}
 Lesotho {{LSO}} or {{LES}}
 Liberia {{LBR}}
 Libya {{LBY}} or {{LBA}}
 Liechtenstein {{LIE}}
 Lithuania {{LTU}}
 Luxembourg {{LUX}}
 Macau {{MAC}} Also consider {{MAC-CHN}}:  Macau, China
 Macedonia {{MKD}}
 Madagascar {{MDG}} or {{MAD}}
 Malawi {{MWI}} or {{MAW}}
 Malaysia {{MYS}} or {{MAS}}
 Maldives {{MDV}}
 Mali {{MLI}}
 Malta {{MLT}}
 Marshall Islands {{MHL}}
 Martinique {{MTQ}}
 Mauritania {{MRT}} or {{MTN}}
 Mauritius {{MUS}} or {{MRI}}
 Mayotte {{MYT}}
 Mexico {{MEX}}
 Micronesia {{FSM}}
 Moldova {{MDA}}
 Monaco {{MCO}} or {{MON}}
 Mongolia {{MNG}} or {{MGL}}
 Montenegro {{MNE}}
 Montserrat {{MSR}}
 Morocco {{MAR}}
 Mozambique {{MOZ}}
 Burma {{MMR}} or {{MYA}} Also consider {{BIR}}:  Burma
 Namibia {{NAM}}
 Nauru {{NRU}}
 Nepal {{NPL}} or {{NEP}}
 Netherlands {{NLD}} or {{NED}} Also consider link to the kingdom:  Netherlands
 Netherlands Antilles {{ANT}} or {{AHO}}
 Caribbean Netherlands {{BES}}
 New Caledonia {{NCL}}
 New Zealand {{NZL}}
 Nicaragua {{NIC}} or {{NCA}}
 Niger {{NER}} or {{NIG}}
 Nigeria {{NGA}} or {{NGR}}
 Niue {{NIU}}
 Norfolk Island {{NFK}}
 Northern Ireland {{NIR}} region without official ISO-3166 country code
 Northern Mariana Islands {{MNP}}
 Norway {{NOR}}
 Oman {{OMN}} or {{OMA}}
 పాకిస్తాన్ {{PAK}}
 Palau {{PLW}}
 Palestinian Authority {{PSE}} or {{PLE}}
 Panama {{PAN}}
 Papua New Guinea {{PNG}}
 Paraguay {{PRY}} or {{PAR}}
 Peru {{PER}}
 Philippines {{PHL}} or {{PHI}}
 Pitcairn Islands {{PCN}}
 Poland {{POL}}
 Portugal {{PRT}} or {{POR}}
 Puerto Rico {{PRI}} or {{PUR}}
 Qatar {{QAT}}
 Réunion {{REU}}
 Romania {{ROU}} or {{ROM}}
 Russia {{RUS}}
 Rwanda {{RWA}}
 Saint Barthélemy {{BLM}}
 Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha {{SHN}}
 Saint Kitts and Nevis {{KNA}} or {{SKN}}
 Saint Lucia {{LCA}}
 Saint Martin {{MAF}}
 Saint Pierre and Miquelon {{SPM}}
 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines {{VCT}} or {{VIN}}
 Samoa {{WSM}} or {{SAM}}
 San Marino {{SMR}}
 São Tomé and Príncipe {{STP}}
 సౌదీ అరేబియా {{SAU}} or {{KSA}}
 Scotland {{SCO}} or {{SCT}} region without official ISO-3166 country code
 Senegal {{SEN}}
 Serbia {{SRB}}
 Serbia and Montenegro {{SCG}}
 Seychelles {{SYC}} or {{SEY}}
 Sierra Leone {{SLE}}
 Singapore {{SGP}} or {{SIN}}
 Sint Maarten {{SXM}}
 Slovakia {{SVK}}
 Slovenia {{SVN}} or {{SLO}}
 Solomon Islands {{SLB}} or {{SOL}}
 సొమాలియా {{SOM}}
దక్షిణ ఆఫ్రికా {{ZAF}} or {{RSA}}
 South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands {{SGS}}
 South Sudan {{SSD}}
 Spain {{ESP}}
 Sri Lanka {{LKA}} or {{SRI}}
 Sudan {{SDN}} or {{SUD}}
 Suriname {{SUR}}
 Svalbard and Jan Mayen {{SJM}}
 Swaziland {{SWZ}}
 Sweden {{SWE}}
  Switzerland {{CHE}} or {{SUI}}
 Syria {{SYR}}
 Taiwan {{TWN}} Also consider
{{ROC}}:  Republic of China
{{ROC-TW}}:  Republic of China (Taiwan)
{{TPE}}:  Chinese Taipei
{{CHN-ROC}}:  China (before the Chinese Civil War)
 Tajikistan {{TJK}}
 Tanzania {{TZA}} or {{TAN}}
 Thailand {{THA}}
 Timor-Leste {{TLS}} Also consider {{ETM}}:  East Timor
 Togo {{TGO}} or {{TOG}}
 Tokelau {{TKL}}
 Tonga {{TON}} or {{TGA}}
 Trinidad and Tobago {{TTO}} or {{TRI}}
 Tunisia {{TUN}}
 Turkey {{TUR}}
 Turkmenistan {{TKM}}
 Turks and Caicos Islands {{TCA}}
 Tuvalu {{TUV}}
 Uganda {{UGA}}
 Ukraine {{UKR}}
 United Arab Emirates {{ARE}} or {{UAE}}
 United Kingdom {{GBR}} or {{UK}}
 United Nations {{UNO}}
 United States {{USA}} or {{US}}
 United States Minor Outlying Islands {{UMI}}
 Uruguay {{URY}} or {{URU}}
 Soviet Union {{URS}} or {{USSR}}
 Uzbekistan {{UZB}}
 Vanuatu {{VUT}} or {{VAN}}
 Vatican City {{VAT}}
 Venezuela {{VEN}}
 Vietnam {{VNM}} or {{VIE}}
 British Virgin Islands {{VGB}} or {{IVB}}
 United States Virgin Islands {{VIR}} or {{ISV}}
 Wales {{WAL}} or {{WLS}} region without official ISO-3166 country code
 Wallis and Futuna {{WLF}}
 పశ్చిమ సహారా {{ESH}} Also consider {{SADR}}:  Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic
 Yemen {{YEM}}
 Yugoslavia {{YUG}} Also consider {{FR-YUG}}:  Yugoslavia
 Zambia {{ZMB}} or {{ZAM}}
 Zimbabwe {{ZWE}} or {{ZIM}}